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[Ephesians 4:1-16]

The Wait and the Reward (x)Anna Rose Bain2014


The Wait and the Reward (x)
Anna Rose Bain

Coconut Macaroons of sorts.

Coconut Macaroons of sorts.

The funny thing about introverts is once they feel comfortable with you, they can be the funniest, most enjoyable people to be around. It’s like a secret they feel comfortable sharing with you. Except the secret is their personality

this is my dad

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Why say ‘no’ when you can say ‘yes’!

—new slogan by Moses

This morning Moses took away all my pillows and then cuddles up to me real sweet, asks, ‘do you have any pillows?’ while rubbing my back lightly. ‘No.’ I sob quietly. ‘Yes you do!’ he exclaims poking my love handles. Thanks, champ.


Makeup tip: instead of using concealer emphasise your dark circles so people know you’re tired of their shit

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